pop1 [päp]
[ME poppe: echoic]
1. a sudden short, light explosive sound
2. a shot as with a revolver or rifle
3. any carbonated, nonalcoholic beverage: from the sound produced when the cork or cap is removed from the bottle
4. a frozen confection consisting of ice cream or flavored ice on the end of a small stick
5. Baseball a ball hit high in the air, usually not beyond the infield
6. Slang
a) an attempt; try
b) each; apiece: used with a [we paid $5 a pop to get in]
popped, popping
1. to make, or burst with, a short, light, explosive sound
2. to move, go, come, etc. suddenly and quickly, and usually unexpectedly [to pop into a room]
3. to open wide suddenly, or protrude, as with amazement: said of the eyes
4. to shoot a pistol, etc.
5. Baseball to hit the ball high in the air, usually not beyond the infield: often with out or up
6. Slang to offer to pay: with for [I'll pop for lunch]
[ME poppen ]
1. to cause to pop, as corn by roasting
a) to fire (a pistol, etc.)
b) to shoot
3. to put suddenly, quickly, or unexpectedly [to pop one's head in the door, to pop a question at someone ]
4. Slang to swallow (a pill, capsule, etc.)
5. Baseball to hit (the ball) high in the air, usually not beyond the infield
with or like a pop
pop off Informal
1. to die suddenly
2. to speak or write carelessly, emotionally, or angrily
3. Chiefly Brit. to leave hastily
pop the question
Informal to propose marriage
☆ pop2 [päpspäp ]
[contr. < poppa, var. of PAPA] Informal
2. familiar term of address to any elderly man: also pops [päps]
pop3 [päp]
a) designating or of music popular with the general public [a pop singer, a pop album]
b) POPS1
2. intended for the popular taste, esp. as exploited commercially [pop culture, pop psychology ]
3. designating or of a realistic art style, esp. in painting and sculpture, using techniques and popular subjects adapted from commercial art and the mass media, such as comic strips, posters, etc. [a pop artist]
a) pop music
b) a pop song, concert, etc.: see also
2. POPS1
3. pop culture
4. pop art
1. popular
2. popularly
3. population

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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